Prayer & Pledge

An Everyday Prayer

God, / our Loving Father, /
we worship you / in this temple of learning. /

You are the source of light./
Fill us with / your spirit of wisdom /
to think, / to learn / and to grow in knowledge, /
to reach / the inner mystery / of all sciences /
that gives / true purpose to our life./

Teach us to apply / knowledge and skill /
in the larger interests / of our country./

O Lord, / make me love my fellowmen /
and help me to be / a steadfast follower / of you./

– Amen.


“India is my country / All Indians are / my
brothers and sisters.

I Love my country / and I am proud of /
its rich and varied heritage / I shall always
strive / to be worthy of it.

I shall give my parents / teachers / and all
elders respect / and treat everyone / with

To my country and my People / I pledge my
devotion / In their well-being/ and prosperity
alone / lies my happiness.”

A Teacher’s Prayer

O God I thank you for making me a teacher and
I shall seek your truth in my profession by
sharing your wisdom to all those who are
entrusted to my care.

I will instruct them to live your values and to
have a sense of euriosity to discover what is
true and what is evil in us. Impart on me your
Grace to teach my students how to choose the
right from wrong and to live and learn each day
something beautiful about you.

I wish with the your Grace my students may one
day be someone who will stand for your Truth
that we are ONE and make this world a better
place to live in.